Cochlear Implant Case Study: Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning

Cochlear Implant Surgical Case Study

The MED-EL Surgical Video Library offers complete surgical case studies from leading ENT surgeons. Created in cooperation with ARRI, these high-resolution videos capture precise movements and detailed structures with incredible clarity. Access is free and the easy-to-use library is optimized for desktop or mobile viewing.

This week, we have an excellent cochlear implant surgical case study to share. As part of our MED-EL Surgical Video Library, it’s presented in HD video, so you’ll have a clear view of the surgical techniques and anatomical structures—including the mastoidectomy, posterior tympanotomy, opening of the round window membrane, and insertion of the electrode array.

Cochlear Implant Case Study

In this surgical case study, Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning demonstrates his surgical techniques for the CONCERTO PIN Cochlear Implant. Prof. Dr. Van de Heyning is the Chairman of the Department of Otorhinolargngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the Antwerp University Hospital.

The female patient, 59 years old, experienced hearing loss from an unknown cause, which progressed to profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. For this patient, Prof. Dr. Van de Heyning utilizes the CONCERTO PIN Cochlear Implant with a FLEX 28 electrode array.

In this video, you’ll see Prof. Dr. Van de Heyning demonstrate a minimally invasive surgical technique, including small incision and the use of a PIN implant with a tight sub-periosteal pocket. He also demonstrates his technique for drilling an electrode lead channel, which protects the electrode lead from external impacts.

Prof. Dr. Van de Heyning performs structure preservation techniques, including the use of intraoperative steroids, round window approach, and slow electrode array insertion.

  • Adult female, 59 years, right ear
  • Small incision with tight sub-periosteal pocket
  • FLEX 28 array (28 mm)
  • Round window insertion
  • Structure preservation techniques
  • Length: 17 minutes


Watch now: Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning demonstrates his cochlear implant surgical techniques in this HD video cochlear implant case study. (17 minutes)

Highlights to watch for in this cochlear implant case study:

  • Patient overview, including pre-op audiogram
  • Small retroauricular incision
  • Tight sub-periosteal pocket
  • Drilling PIN holes
  • Preparing implant bed & electrode channel
  • Mastoidectomy
  • Posterior tympanotomy
  • Opening round window membrane
  • Round window electrode insertion

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