MED-EL Podcast: What Does 360 Degrees of Reliability and Safety Mean?

What Makes MED-EL’s Hearing Implants So Reliable?

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Music rehabilitation by listening to music
A Guide to Music Rehabilitation for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

Many of us take music and the benefits it has in our lives for granted. Music can positively impact many aspects of life, including physical health, emotional well-being, social relationships, and the rehabilitation journey of hearing implant recipients. It can lift mood and alleviate negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. It is therefore important for hearing implant recipients to be able to hear and appreciate music.

Products & Updates
New Features in OTOPLAN: Enhanced Hearing Implant Individualization

A new user interface, fully automatic 3D reconstruction and measurement of inner ear structures, simultaneous preoperative visualizations of various electrode arrays in the cochlea, support for placement planning of cochlear and bone conduction implants, and extensive postoperative analysis tools—those are just a few of the innovative features in the newest version of OTOPLAN. This software solution makes it possible to individualize hearing implant surgery—from planning the operation to the audiological fitting—like never before.