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New Milestones Reached in Patient-Centered Cochlear Implantation & Care

We just revealed our latest innovations at CI2024 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. There we unveiled new tools to enable clinicians to provide follow-up fitting care remotely to MED-EL cochlear implant users without an appointment. We also offered a sneak peek into what’s coming soon for cochlear implantation and RONDO 3 users.

Remote Fitting Without Appointments & More With the HearCare MED-EL App

Our new innovations reflect MED-EL’s philosophy: cochlear implants should adapt to your patients—no matter the size of their cochlea or their everyday hearing needs. With the introduction of these new products, MED-EL has passed several key milestones on the journey to providing every unique cochlear implant recipient the closest to natural hearing experience that is seamlessly integrated into their everyday lives.

MAESTRO 10 Is Here: Patient-Centered Remote Care & Fitting. Anytime. In Less Time.

Can’t see this video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

Remote Fitting Without Appointments & More With the HearCare MED-EL App

HearCare MED-EL makes hearing care more convenient for cochlear implant users—and for you as their hearing care provider. This new app enables users of RONDO 3, SONNET 2, and SONNET 2 EAS to perform system checks, create configuration backups that are stored in the MED-EL cloud, and benefit from remote fittings.*

You have the power to decide which patients are suitable for remote care and fitting. Invite them via MAESTRO 10, and after they accept your “clinic request” in the HearCare app, there is no need to schedule an appoint for performing and reviewing telemetry measurements or routine audio processor checks.

If your patient requests support to optimize their hearing, you can access all the same fitting parameters you’d get when a patient visits your clinic for a follow-up fitting session. This means you can adjust and send them new fine-tuned audio processor fitting maps whenever it’s convenient for you. Your patients can download their new configurations via HearCare MED-EL whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

This allows you to provide flexible, individualized ongoing care by monitoring patients who are performing as expected without in-clinic visits and you can reserve in-clinic appointments for those who need them most.

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Request more information about setting up remote care and fitting services at your clinic.

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Increased Access to Anatomy-Based Fitting With X-Rays & OTOPLAN

A new release of OTOPLAN is also coming in 2024 including:

  • X-ray-based post-operative analysis for anatomy-based fitting
  • Automatic 3D reconstruction of the scala tympani and scala vestibuli
  • Virtual 3D scala tympani insertion including the scala ratio and other metrics
  • Visual confirmation of post-operative scala tympani placement of electrodes using CT image fusion
  • Optimized data management features

All of this is in addition to the 2023 update as described in our article, New Features in OTOPLAN: Enhanced Hearing Implant Individualization.

AudioStream Adapter: Direct Streaming for RONDO 3

The brand-new AudioStream Adapter makes direct, wireless streaming possible with RONDO 3. Once it has been plugged into RONDO 3, it sends music and speech from compatible smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

It is a practical solution for listening to music, making phone calls, and watching TV with impressive sound quality for unilateral, bilateral, and bimodal users.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Wireless streaming with Bluetooth® Low Energy
  • Music and speech in high-quality true stereo
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Suitable for bimodal use with a hearing aid

Using the adapter is simple: After the one-time installation via the AudioKey 2 app (version 2.0.8 or later), you can wirelessly stream music and speech. The app itself is not needed for streaming.

AudioStream Adapter for RONDO 3 Compatibility

Bluetooth Low Energy is used to stream wirelessly. Not only is AudioStream Adapter compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, but it can also be used with TV streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Cube (2nd and 3rd generation).

The AudioStream Adapter can be used for direct streaming with essentially any external device with MFi (Made for iPhone) or ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) technology. The AudioStream Adapter is compatible with iOS version 11 or later and with Android version 10 or later.

Requirements for bimodal streaming in high-quality true stereo are a smartphone with Android version 12 or later and a hearing aid with ASHA (Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids) technology.

Find Out More

Are you interested in MAESTRO 10, Remote Care and Fitting, HearCare MED-EL, OTOPLAN, or the AudioStream Adapter for RONDO 3? Get in touch with your local MED-EL representative to learn more.


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* HearCare MED-EL and fitting via Remote Care are compatible with PULSARCI100, SYNCHRONY, CONCERTO, SONATA series implants used in combination with a SONNET 2, SONNET 2 EAS, or RONDO 3 audio processor. Fitting via Remote Care is only accessible if enabled by a clinician. Recipients with the HearCare MED-EL app and a compatible smartphone as well as a compatible implant and audio processor can perform system checks on their own after installing the app without Remote Care being enabled by their clinician. Clinicians should consider the suitability of fitting via Remote Care before inviting qualified patients based on clinical judgment.

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