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Hearing Implant & Audio Processor Compatibility Guide

Audio Processor Compatibility

Every day, we see technology advancing at a remarkable pace. Of course, the same is true for hearing implants and audio processors. In the past year alone, we’ve introduced wireless charging, triphasic pulses, wireless connectivity, child-friendly wearing options, and more.

At the same time, our implants are built for exceptional long-term reliability. That means our recipients will have their implants through many generations of audio processors. That’s why backward compatibility is so important for hearing implants.

Every recipient should have access to the latest technology. However, other manufacturers use a patchwork compatibility structure that can leave many recipients behind. This can make logistics challenging and those recipients can be stuck with outdated technology.

We design our new audio processors to be immediately compatible with our previous generations of implants. There’s no staggered service release or selective compatibility. When we have new technology, we want the most possible recipients to benefit.

Our comprehensive compatibility offers flexibility and logistical simplicity for your clinic and healthcare providers. And of course, it helps your patients benefit from the latest technology right away.

We’ve put together this simple compatibility list so you can easily see all the audio processors that work with each hearing implant.


Cochlear Implant Compatibility

All of our current CI & EAS audio processors are compatible with all MED-EL multichannel cochlear implants from the past 20+ years. This helps ensure all our recipients can benefit from the latest advances in audio processor technology.

MED-EL Cochlear Implants

  • COMBI 40+**
  • COMBI 40**

Current CI Audio Processors

  • SONNET BTE Audio Processor
  • RONDO 2 Single-Unit Processor
  • OPUS 2 BTE Audio Processor
  • RONDO Single-Unit Processor

Current EAS Audio Processors

  • SONNET EAS Audio Processor
  • DUET 2 EAS Audio Processor


Auditory Brainstem Implants

Recipients with a MED-EL Auditory Brainstem Implant (SYNCHRONY ABI, CONCERTO ABI, or PULSAR ABI) can use any current MED-EL CI audio processor.


Bone Conduction System Compatibility

Our BONEBRIDGE Active Bone Conduction Implant System uses the SAMBA BB Audio Processor. It may also be paired with the previous audio processor, the Amadé BB Audio Processor.

Active Bone Conduction Implant

  • BCI 601 Bone Conduction Implant

BONEBRIDGE Audio Processors



Our ADHEAR Bone Conduction System does not require an implant. This simple system only requires the ADHEAR Audio Processor and an ADHEAR adhesive adapter.


Middle Ear Implant Compatibility

The VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE Middle Ear Implant System uses the SAMBA Audio Processor. The Amadé Audio Processor was paired with the VORP 502 implant. SAMBA can be used with either the VORP 502 or VORP 503.

Middle Ear Implants

  • VORP 503 Middle Ear Implant
  • VORP 502 Middle Ear Implant



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As you can see, MED-EL offers comprehensive compatibility and easy technology upgrades for all our recipients.

Have a question about audio processor compatibility for your patients? Let us know with our simple contact form.

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*MED-EL CONCERT and MED-EL CONCERT PIN are only available in the United States.

**Link-check function of SONNET and RONDO 2, as well as certain sound coding strategies and other individual product features, are not available with C40 or C40+ cochlear implants.

***Not all products, indications, and features shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information.

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The content on this website is for general informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please contact your doctor or hearing specialist to learn what type of hearing solution is suitable for your specific needs. Not all products, features, or indications shown are approved in all countries.


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Keith Vandermeulen

September 19, 2023

I would like more info how to pair my Signia with the MED-EL implant. Is there anything I can do or suggest to a technician. Thanks.


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September 20, 2023

Keith, thank you for your question. Signia provides many how-to videos regarding their hearing aids here that might be helpful: Kind regards, Alicia


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