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Music rehabilitation by listening to music
A Guide to Music Rehabilitation for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients

Many of us take music and the benefits it has in our lives for granted. Music can positively impact many aspects of life, including physical health, emotional well-being, social relationships, and the rehabilitation journey of hearing implant recipients. It can lift mood and alleviate negative emotions such as stress and anxiety. It is therefore important for hearing implant recipients to be able to hear and appreciate music.

Body percussion as part of cochlear implant rehabilitation
Music in Pediatric Hearing Implant Rehabilitation

Music is a beneficial component of every hearing implant rehabilitation program. Music can support the development of children’s listening, language, cognitive, motor, and social skills. And Musical EARS® is a resource designed for professionals aiming to include musical activities and training into the rehabilitation programs for children with hearing implants. With a holistic approach to children’s musical development, Musical EARS® demonstrates how singing, rhythm, movement, and instruments can be utilized in aural rehabilitation. Here we will highlight one part of the resource that could be included in cochlear implant rehabilitation.

Solutions for Every Type of Hearing Loss

Choosing the optimal solution for a patient with hearing loss is not always easy since each patient is unique. That’s why

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