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Cochlear Implants
Music & Sound Quality With MED-EL Cochlear Implants, Part 1

In the quest to understand the profound appeal of music and its capacity to evoke deep emotions, researchers faced a complex challenge: translating music into electrical signals for cochlear implant recipients. While these devices excelled at speech comprehension, the enjoyment of music remained elusive, until MED-EL's pioneering approach introduced the Fine Structure Processing (FSP) coding strategy in 2008, revolutionizing music perception and sound quality for implant users.

Solutions for Every Type of Hearing Loss

Choosing the optimal solution for a patient with hearing loss is not always easy. That’s why MED-EL is committed to providing the most comprehensive portfolio of hearing solutions to meet each individual’s need.
From cochlear implants to bone conduction solutions, MED-EL hearing implant systems combine the latest scientific advances, engineering, and manufacturing techniques for performance, safety, and reliability.
We have consistently focused on developing innovative hearing systems and bringing groundbreaking technologies to market.
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