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MED-EL Hearing Poster Series: Rehabilitation Content at a Glance

Hearing loss is a subject encountered daily by many people, but whether at work or in their private lives, some people may not understand how to approach people who use cochlear implants and other hearing devices. The MED-EL Hearing Poster series aims to bridge that gap in knowledge by providing simple, easily digestible bites of information that anyone can understand and incorporate into their daily lives.

MED-EL Hearing Posters Series

There are a total of 16 hearing posters grouped into four sets of four. Each set of posters covers a different topic:

16 posters to visually communicate rehabilitation content at a glance

Helping Children With Hearing Loss

These posters demonstrate how important it is for children to wear their audio processors all day. This goes hand in hand with being exposed to and learning as many new words as possible. Other tips that can help children with hearing loss in their everyday lives include being close when speaking to them and singing to help them develop language skills.

Download here

Helping Children in the Classroom

This set of posters provides information about how to set up a classroom to create the ideal listening environment as well as seating tips for children with hearing loss. Information about how to introduce new topics in the classroom as well as tips to help with understanding will also help anyone who takes a glance at these posters communicate effectively. And check out this article for more tips to help children in the classroom.

Download here

Living Well With Hearing Loss

Living well is easier with this helpful advice about how to create the ideal listening environment in a home or an office and how to make the most of difficult listening environments, such as restaurants. Some tips can help with everyday activities, such as making phone calls, and others are more specific, like hearing-related travel tips.

Download here

Helping Adults With Hearing Loss

These hearing posters contain a wide variety of tips that can help in many different situations. From making conversations easier to the importance of clear speech, this advice makes communicating with people with hearing loss much easier. Learn how to optimize a room’s acoustics for better hearing. And find out how to make meetings go more smoothly.

Download here

Information at a Glance

The information included on each hearing poster is easy to read. There are snippets of information, Dos and Don’ts, pointers, and simple tips for viewers to use in their daily routines. These reminders inform viewers about how to make life easier for CI users in a variety of different settings, such as at home, at school, or in noisy work environments.

Since each hearing poster is designed to be accessible and understood easily by non-professionals, they are heavily image-based, making use of colorful graphics and characters. The use of these elements, in combination with limited text and simple language, makes the posters eye-catching and easy to understand. The designs also appeal to a wide audience, including family members and friends of CI users, work colleagues, mainstream teachers, and even cochlear implant recipients.

Posters on Hearing Loss Designed for Clinics and Schools

Each set can be displayed in a variety of settings, including as rehab clinics, ENT rooms, audiology clinics, family doctors or GPs, schools for deaf children, schools for children with multiple needs, as well as mainstream schools. Although the poster sets provide the most information when used together, each hearing poster has also been designed to stand alone.

In order to reach as many people as possible, a variety of adaptations has been designed for the posters that appeals to different cultures. The use of simple text also offers opportunities for quick and easy translation.

Currently, the hearing poster series is available in 14 different languages: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Mandarin (Malaysia), Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Download these posters today! And for more helpful resources, check out this article.

Special thanks for contributing this blog post:

Sabine Partl, Assistant to the Head of Rehabilitation & Associate, Healthcare Projects

Kaye Lindsay, Graphic Designer


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Julie Cooper

January 30, 2024

How do I download the Spanish version of these posters?


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January 31, 2024

Julie, thank you for your comment. You can find rehabilitation downloads for children here: And rehabilitation downloads for adults and teens here: These pages will be updated with the option to download the Spanish version. Please continue to check back for the option to download them soon. Kind Regards


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