Bonus Rehabilitation Lesson Kit #26: Fairy Tales

Fairy tales aural rehabilitation lesson kit resources

Wizards, knights, and witches—oh my! We’ve got a bonus “Fairy Tales” rehabilitation lesson kit just in time for Halloween! This bonus lesson kit has two fairy tale themed aural rehabilitation activities with therapy notes and printable resources with matching illustrations.

This free lesson kit is a professional resource for listening & spoken language specialists, audiologists, speech & language pathologists, rehabilitation specialists, and any other professional that works with children with hearing loss.

There are professional lesson plans with 2 interactive listening activities that come with printable illustrations and detailed therapy goals. Each activity has three levels, so you can use them for children across a wide range listening skills and vocabulary developments.

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Rehabilitation kit fairy tales

Bonus Resources: How To Rehabilitation Webinars

November is Rehabilitation Month on the MED-EL Academy!

Every week, we’re hosting a live webinar on rehabilitation, assessment, and intervention for hearing implant recipients of all ages.

  1. First, you’ll need to make sure you’re registered for a free membership to the MED-EL Academy.
  2. Then go to Rehabilitation Month How To Webinars and sign up for the live sessions!

November 5: How to Manage Challenging Acoustic Environments

In this ‘How To,’ we discuss the challenging environments for adults and discuss strategies to improve their listening in these situations (e.g. telephone, group settings).

Learning objectives:

  • Identify difficult listening situations for adults
  • What should the conversation partner be aware of?
  • Tips to improve listening in different daily life situations

November 12: How to Get Ready for Reading

Learning to read is a child’s most important academic achievement. In this ‘How to,’ we define the factors that affect children with hearing loss when learning to read and develop skills to help any young child get ready for reading.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the factors that affect children with hearing loss learning to read.
  • Learn how to stimulate any child’s general awareness of written language
  • Develop skills to facilitate any child’s phonological awareness skills

November 19: How to Support Children Learning Dual Languages

Here, we review some key considerations for supporting families who speak a non-majority language (or multiple languages) in the home and offer a resource to support assessment and intervention.

Learning objectives:

  • Key factors to consider when determining the language of intervention
  • List prognostic indicators that support a dual language approach to intervention
  • Identify one resource to support assessment and intervention for children learning dual languages

November 26: How to Foster Beneficial Collaboration between Audiology and Rehabilitation

In this webinar, we focus on the benefits of collaboration between rehabilitation and audiology and ways to move towards more successful collaboration.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify outcomes of positive interactions between audiologists and therapists
  • List useful information therapists can share with audiologists
  • List useful information audiologists can share with therapists

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