Hands-on: Changing SONNET Microphone Covers in Under a Minute

SONNET Microphone Cover

How often should cochlear implant recipients change their SONNET Microphone Covers? We’ve put together a few tips so you can make sure recipients are getting the best hearing outcomes with SONNET.

SONNET has a replaceable microphone cover to protect the audio processor’s dual microphones. The cover uses two built-in membranes, one for each microphone, to prevent water and dust from getting inside. This makes SONNET water-resistant and dust-resistant, with an official rating of IP54.

Over time, dust can accumulate on the membranes, which can reduce microphone performance. That’s why recipients should replace the microphone cover every 3 months. The cover should also be replaced right away if there’s a noticeable change in sound quality.

The covers are available in 15 glossy colors, so they’re also an easy way to add a personal accent to SONNET.

SONNET Microphone Covers:

  • Provide full-time protection against dust & water
  • Should be changed every 3 months
  • Replace sooner if sound quality changes
  • 15 color options available

Replacing the cover only takes a minute—here’s a hands-on video that shows each step.

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Need to order microphone covers? Contact your local MED-EL office to order SONNET Microphone Covers and other accessories.

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