RONDO 2: It’s Never Been Easier™

RONDO 2 Single-Unit Processor

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to RONDO 2, the audio processor that just changed the world of cochlear implants.

What makes RONDO 2 so revolutionary? RONDO 2 is the first & only audio processor that has an integrated lithium-ion battery and wireless charging. That means your patients can just set RONDO 2 on the charging pad at night and wake up to a full day of hearing.

By combining wireless charging, one-touch activation, hands-free control, and an all-in-one design, RONDO 2 is the easiest-to-use audio processor ever. And with a sleek, modern look, we’d say it’s also the most stylish audio processor.

Wireless Charging

Let’s start with wireless charging. To charge RONDO 2, your patients just set RONDO 2 on the charging pad. The charging pad is powered by USB, which can be plugged into a wall adapter or computer. A 4 hour charge provides up to 18 hours of battery life, so we recommend charging it at night. RONDO 2 has a sealed design, so it does not need to be placed in a drying kit overnight.

If a recipient forgets to charge RONDO 2, the Mini Battery Pack accessory can power RONDO 2 with a regular AAA battery.

With no disposable batteries to replace, powering RONDO 2 costs almost nothing. And, because RONDO 2 does not need to be opened, the internal components are securely sealed inside the processor. This enables excellent long-term reliability and helps minimize any running costs.

Incredibly Simple Handling

RONDO 2 reaches a level of simplicity never before seen in an audio processor. Unlike any other audio processor, RONDO 2 does not need to be frequently opened or disassembled. There’s no more fiddling with special tools or disposable batteries.

This makes RONDO 2 incredibly simple to use, even for patients with arthritis or limited vision. To turn it on or off, recipients just press the on/off button on top of RONDO 2. And, with integrated link-check, RONDO 2 automatically shuts down after it’s taken off an implant.

RONDO 2 Single-Unit ProcessorRONDO 2 uses our proven Automatic Sound Management technology, which automatically adjusts to provide optimal listening comfort. This minimizes the need to change settings throughout the day.

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RONDO 2’s remarkably simple design is a complete leap forward in audio processor usability. What are the practical benefits for you patients?

  • Full day of hearing without interruptions
  • Incredibly simple handling
  • No opening processor to change batteries
  • No hassles of disposable batteries
  • Hands-free control
  • Minimal running costs
  • Long-term reliability

Modern Design

Of course, RONDO 2 isn’t just easy to use—it also has a sleek, modern design that’s made for all day comfort.

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile
  • Perfect for glasses

RONDO 2 cochlear implant audio processor sizeEven better, we have a full range of stylish design covers for RONDO 2. These covers can be changed in a snap—making it easy for RONDO 2 to blend in or stand out. There are 34 matte and glossy colors, hair patterns, and artistic designs to choose from.

RONDO 2 Design CoversThat’s not all—RONDO 2 has a splash-proof design that’s protected against rain, sweat, and other moisture. With the WaterWear accessory, recipients can swim in pools, lakes, oceans, and more.

RONDO 2 WaterWearAnd, for universal wireless connectivity, RONDO 2 has an integrated telecoil for streaming with Bluetooth neckloops—making it easy for recipients to connect to their phones, tablets, televisions, and other devices.


More Natural Hearing

So, how does RONDO 2 sound? RONDO 2 utilizes the combination of an omnidirectional microphone, Automatic Sound Management, and Triformance to provide more natural hearing for recipients. Triformance technology offers a fuller, richer range of sounds and more natural speech and music.

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