Hands-On Video Guides for Audio Processors

Audio Processor Hands-on

Today, we’ve got a quick guide to our hands-on videos for our audio processors. If you work with cochlear implant or other hearing systems, these videos can streamline counselling sessions and help your patients take care of their audio processor and hear their best.

When a recipient gets a new audio processor, there are lots of new things to learn in such a short amount of time. Mastering every step of handling an audio processor can be too much information to process in one sitting. That’s why we’ve created an extensive online library of hands-on videos for our recipients.

These hands-on videos are great for:

  • Showing recipients how to use their new audio processor
  • Saving time in a counselling session
  • Reminding recipients of how to best handle their processor
  • Reducing accidental damage to audio processors
  • Showing recipients how to use accessories
  • Helping teachers & caregivers understand the basics of a child’s audio processor

We have hands-on videos for all our current audio processors. There’s also closed captioning available in multiple languages. Check out the playlists below!

Hands-On Video Library

SONNET BTE Audio Processor for Cochlear Implants

This comprehensive video makes it easy to use SONNET and accessories:


RONDO Single-Unit Audio Processor for Cochlear Implants

This playlist is perfect for recipients who want to get the most out of their RONDO:

  • Handling and Basics
  • Changing the Batteries
  • Changing the Magnet
  • Syncing the FineTuner Remote
  • Using the Speech Processor Test Device
  • Connecting Assistive Listening Devices
  • Using WaterWear for RONDO


OPUS 2 BTE Audio Processor for Cochlear Implant

This helpful guide series is a great way to see how to use OPUS 2 & accessories:

  • Handling & Basics
  • Connecting Assitive Listening Devices
  • ActiveWear & Children’s Battery Pack
  • Using DaCapo Rechargeable Batteries



This series is a great overview for handling SAMBA:

  • Changing the Battery
  • Changing the Color Cover
  • Using the Hair Clip
  • Changing the Magnet


ADHEAR Bone Conduction System

These videos demonstrate the simple steps to using ADHEAR:

  • Positioning ADHEAR
  • Changing the Battery
  • Individualizing ADHEAR


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*Not all products, features, and indications shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information.

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