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Conductive hearing loss can often be very effectively treated with a bone conduction implant. However, for candidates who do not want or cannot have a surgical solution, there has always been a trade-off between hearing performance and comfort.

Conventional hearing aids may not provide sufficient benefit, or can’t be worn at all. Softbands can be uncomfortable and are very visible, which can be difficult for both children and adults. It can also be challenging to keep the audio processor in the right position for sound conduction.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce ADHEAR—a bone conduction system that combines exceptional comfort, simplicity, and hearing performance.

ADHEAR is our latest hearing loss solution, and it’s our first non-surgical hearing system. With ADHEAR, we’re excited to help an even wider range of candidates to enjoy hearing. Whether you’re an ENT specialist, audiologist, or other hearing professional, ADHEAR makes it easy to provide a simple, effective solution to conductive hearing loss.

What can ADHEAR offer? Let’s take a look at the benefits of this system and candidacy guidelines for ADHEAR.

Don’t miss our expert ADHEAR interview series!

ADHEAR uses a unique adhesive adapter, so there is no pressure against the skin. Even though there’s no direct pressure, the adhesive adapter design can still deliver equivalent output performance when compared to other non-surgical bone conduction systems.1


The single-use adhesive adapter is simply applied behind the ear and can be worn for 3–7 days. The adhesive adapter is water-compatible, so the adhesive can be worn while bathing, showering, or other water-related activities.  Please note, the ADHEAR audio processor itself is not water-compatible.

The adhesive adapter makes it easy to ensure ADHEAR is always in the optimal position for reliable hearing performance. Handling is simple; just snap the ADHEAR Audio Processor onto the adhesive adapter and you’re ready to go.

  • No need for headband
  • No painful pressure
  • Effective amplification
  • Simple handling
  • Discreet design
  • All-day wearing comfort

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Hearing Performance

With automatic adaptive directional microphones and built-in noise control, ADHEAR offers better hearing in any listening environment. ADHEAR has 4 pre-configured programs and volume control that can easily be adjusted on the processor.

  • Adaptive: Adaptive directional microphones automatically activated for better hearing in noise
  • Omni: Fixed omnidirectional microphone for quiet settings
  • Music: Optimized for music; 50:50 mix of microphone and external audio input
  • External: 100% external audio input only—mutes ADHEAR microphones

What about daily life? A discreet design and three color options make it easy for ADHEAR to blend in. And even better, ADHEAR offers up to two weeks of battery life from a single size 13 zinc-air battery.

  • Adaptive listening
  • Simple volume control
  • Built-in program button
  • Discreet design
  • Easy connectivity options
  • Up to 2 weeks of battery life

See ADHEAR in action: William shares how his ADHEAR helps him overcome his conductive hearing loss from a cholesteatoma.

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Candidacy for ADHEAR

ADHEAR is intended for candidates with unilateral or bilateral conductive hearing loss, including either chronic or temporary conductive hearing loss. Candidates should have normal bone conduction, with bone conduction thresholds of less than or equal to 25 dB HL (500–4,000 Hz). For single-sided deafness, hearing should be normal in the contralateral ear. ADHEAR is approved for use in countries accepting the CE Mark.

Update: ADHEAR has also received FDA clearance for use in the United States.

Conductive Hearing Loss Audiogram

ADHEAR conductive hearing loss audiogram candidacyADHEAR can be used to treat conductive hearing loss, such as hearing loss caused by:

  • Bilateral or unilateral microtia or atresia
  • Craniofacial malformation
  • Damaged ossicles
  • Otosclerosis (initial state)
  • Stenosis of ear canal
  • Chronic tympanic membrane perforation
  • Persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Persistently blocked ventilation tubes
  • Chronic otitis externa
  • Chronic otitis media with effusion (glue ear)
  • Chronic wax impaction

Even better, you can have candidates test ADHEAR right away to see if it will be right for them. Just apply an adhesive adapter and try it out. Who doesn’t love instant results?


ADHEAR White Paper

Want even more in-depth information on ADHEAR? Check out this detailed white paper from our ADHEAR experts: The ADHEAR System – An innovative non-surgical bone conduction solution.


ADHEAR Expert Podcast Series

Ready to learn more? Check out our detailed ADHEAR interview series with our in-house experts! You can download the transcripts and find all our expert podcasts on the MED-EL Professionals Podcast page.


ADHEAR Tips & Tricks for Professionals

Tips and tricks for ADHEAR professionals and users can be found here.


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ADHEAR is now available in countries accepting the CE Mark—contact your local MED-EL representative to find out more about ADHEAR for your clinic. ADHEAR has also recieved clearance from the FDA for use in the United States—you can sign up here for more information on ADHEAR availablity in the US. 

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1. Mattsson, E., Kittelfors, M., & Sadeghi, A. (2015). Subjective and objective comparison between two bone conductor hearing system, Softband and Adjoin. Research project, University of Gothenburg.


*Not all products, features, and indications shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information.

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June 04, 2023

cena aparatu kostnego ADHERAR czy ma refundacje morzliwos konsultacji z kosutaltem wol małopolskie


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June 06, 2023

Hi there, for pricing information and product availability in your country, we recommend reaching out to your local MED-EL team. You can find your local MED-EL team's contact details here: Kind regards, Alicia


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March 04, 2024

Where can I get the adhear heading aid. I live in Cottage Grove, Oregon.


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March 05, 2024

Bill, thank you for your question. Your local MED-EL team can help assist you with product availability and purchasing information for ADHEAR. You can get in touch with them here: Kind Regards


September 01, 2023

Sir pakistan your sober parts very difficult and doctors sailing but prices very high this message all pakistan children thank


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