Rehabilitation Lesson Kit #1: My House

Rehabilitation resources

Who doesn’t love free rehabilitation resources? If you’re an audiologist, speech-language pathologist, or any other rehabilitation specialist that works with children with hearing loss, our new rehabilitation resources are made for you.

We’ve created a series of themed lesson kits to support rehabilitation sessions with young children—and the first lesson kit is ready for download. We’ll be sharing a new themed lesson kit every month, and they’ll always be free to use and share.

Each lesson kit is themed (home, animals, etc.) and has multiple activities that can be used over several sessions with each child. And every lesson kit has three levels, so that you can tailor it to the abilities of each child.

Now available in Portuguese! O primeiro Livro de lições esta agora disponível para baixar em português! Você pode baixar o plano de trabalho “Minha Casa” no final desse artigo.

Now available in French! Les Cahiers de leçons n°1 « MA MAISON » sont désormais disponibles en français ! Vous pouvez les télécharger gratuitement à la fin de cet article.

Now available in German! Das erste kostenlose Reha-Übungspaket steht ab sofort als kostenloser Download zur Verfügung. Laden Sie das Lesson Kit “Mein Haus” herunter, indem Sie auf den Link am Ende des Artikels klicken.

Now available in Russian! Первое Занятие теперь стало доступно на русском языке! Вы можете загрузить Занятие “МОЙ ДОМ” внизу этой страницы.

Now available in Spanish! ¡Los primeros Planes de lecciones ya están disponibles para descargar en español! Puede descargar los Planes de lecciones de “MI CASA” al final de este artículo.

Now available in Indonesian! Media pembelajaran pertama berbahasa Indonesia sudah tersedia sekarang! Anda bisa mengunduh media pembelajaran “RUMAHKU” pada bagian akhir dari artikel ini.

Now available in Polish! Pierwsze Pakiety Lekcji są już dostepne w języku polskim. Możesz pobrać “MÓJ DOM” Pakiety poniżej.

Now available in Romanian! Download the first lesson kit in Romanian below!

Now available in Chinese/Mandarin! Download the first lesson kit below.

My House

This first lesson kit is themed “My House” and focuses on familiar people and objects around the home. This comprehensive lesson kit is designed to be printed and reused. This kit has lesson plans with detailed therapist notes and a range of activities for each of the three levels. There’s print resources and step-by-step guidance for each activity. We’ve also included useful strategies in each lesson to help achieve the listening and language goals.

  • Step-by-step guides
  • 4 “My House” themed activities
  • 25+ pages of high-quality illustrations
  • Detailed therapy notes
  • Lesson plans for each level
  • Listening goals
  • Spoken language goals
  • Cognition and theory of the mind goals
  • Key therapy strategies
Aural Rehabilitation Lesson Kit for Children

Each lesson kit has three levels to cover a wide range of listening, spoken language, and cognition abilities.

  • Level 1
    • The child is learning to listen and attend to 1 unit of information. Spoken language is presented to the child in simple short sentences and acoustic highlighting techniques utilized to enable the child to attend to new information. 
    • The child is using single words, has a vocabulary of up to 200 words, and may be starting to combine words into 2 word combinations.
  • Level 2
    • The child is learning to listen and attend to 2 units of information. Spoken language is presented in longer sentences and acoustic highlighting techniques are utilized to encourage the child to attend to all the information in the sentence. 
    • The child is producing 2 to 3 word combinations, has a vocabulary of 200 to 2000 words, and is beginning to use some grammatical markers.
  • Level 3
    • The child is a proficient listener, learning to attend to 3 units of information. Spoken language is presented in a variety of complex sentences and acoustic highlighting techniques are utilized to encourage the child to attend to grammatical elements in the sentence. 
    • The child is producing 3 to 5 word sentences and questions, has a vocabulary of more than 2000 words, and is using a variety of grammatical markers.


Share and Download

As we mentioned before, the lesson kits will all be available free of charge—we’re here to support your work and the success of every recipient. They can be printed, emailed, shared with colleagues, and even given to parents as supplemental at-home rehabilitation resources between sessions.

We’ll post a new lesson kit for download every month here on our Professionals Blog. There’s no deadline for downloading these rehabilitation resources, so you can easily find and share previous lesson kits.


Ready to get started? Download the “My House” lesson kit pdf now!


Now available in Portuguese! Pronto para começar? Baixar Livro de lições #1!

Now available in French! Cliquez ici pour télécharger les Cahiers de leçons “Ma Maison”.

Now available in German! Klicken Sie hier, um das Übungspaket “Mein Haus” herunterzuladen!

Now available in Russian! Нажмите здесь, чтобы загрузить первое Занятие “МОЙ ДОМ”!

Now available in Spanish! Haga clic aquí para descargar los primeros Planes de lecciones “MI CASA”!

Now available in Indonesian! Klik di sini untuk mengunduh media pembelajaran “RUMAHKU”.

Now available in Polish! Kliknij tutaj żeby pobrać pierwszy Pakiet Lekcji “MÓJ DOM”

Now available in Romanian! Apasați aici pentru a descărca primul set de lecții “Casa Mea”.

Now available in Mandarin Chinese! Click here to download the 1st lesson kit in Mandarin!

Now available in Italian! Click here to download the 1st lesson kit in Italian! 

Now available in Georgian! Click here to download the lesson kit in Georgian!

Now available in Korean! Click here to download the lesson kit in Korean!

Rehabilitation lesson kit


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 *We’d like these kits to help as many people as possible, so the Themed Lesson Kits may be shared openly for fair usage. However, MED-EL retains full rights to the material, so the content may not be altered, rebranded, or repurposed for commercial use.

**Not all products, features, or indications for age shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information.

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