MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 8: The World – Tourist Destinations

Travel tips for hearing implant recipients

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 8 “The World – Tourist Destinations” can now be downloaded for free, along with travel tips for hearing implant recipients. This Adult Rehabilitation Kit, as well as the others in the series, is designed for professionals who provide rehabilitation support to adult cochlear implant recipients. They are intended for recipients who have had their hearing device fitted or cochlear implant processor switched on for a period of two weeks or more.

This kit includes fun, structured, and simple-to-use activities, together with visually appealing resources for listening practice. Everything you need to get started is there to save you time when preparing resources for therapy sessions.

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 8: The World – Tourist Destinations

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 8 “The World – Tourist Destinations” includes a multi-level lesson plan, tips in providing rehabilitation to adult cochlear implant recipients, as well as three activities to develop the recipients’ listening and communication skills.

One of those activities is a crossword puzzle task for auditory training, which targets the listener’s ability to identify different destination names from either a closed-set or a given sentence description. The second activity, “Into the Matrix,” targets both auditory and cognitive processing.

Travel Tips for Hearing Implant Recipients

In addition to the rehabilitation activities, this kit also contains ideas for managing different listening environments recipients may encounter when traveling. For example, advice is given on choosing the best table when eating out in an unfamiliar café or restaurant. It also contains some tips for when booking flights and traveling by bus or car.

Download MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 8: The World – Tourist Destinations for free.

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