MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 7: Getting There

CI recipients may feel anxious when traveling. Adult Rehabilitation Kit 7 has travel tips for cochlear implant recipients and more!

As travel starts again in some parts of the world and restrictions are slowly lifting, more cochlear implant recipients will be traveling between and within countries.

Our latest Adult Rehabilitation Kit “Getting There” includes strategies to manage travel and listening activities based around this topic.

Travel Tips for Cochlear Implant Recipients

Restrictions on travel have meant that some recipients have not had the experience of traveling recently. Some cochlear implant recipients may feel anxious when traveling, and lack of recent experience can make this worse. That’s why we’ve decided that it is a great time to provide lots of practical tips for how to manage travel-related stress for cochlear implant recipients.

It includes strategies for packing, flying, staying in hotels, and taking part in guided tours. There are also lots of useful ideas for before traveling and during the trip.

Download MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 7: Getting There

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 7 “Getting There”

As with our earlier ARKs, this ARK also includes:

  • Tips for providing adult cochlear implant rehabilitation, such as ways to make tasks easier or more difficult depending on the recipient’s current skills
  • A session plan with therapy goals
  • Activities with step-by-step instructions
  • Printable materials

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