MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 2: Famous Families

Have you seen MED-EL’s new Adult Rehabilitation Kits yet? Our Adult Rehabilitation Kit 1 and Introductory Activities were released last month , featuring a Who’s Who all about families.

Today, we’re continuing on the topic of families with the latest Adult Rehabilitation Kit “Famous Families”. As well as general rehabilitation tips and a multi-level lesson plan, each kit includes three activities for cochlear implant rehabilitation. The Adult Rehabilitation Kits allow rehabilitation specialists to provide interesting and interactive listening practice to cochlear implant recipients without the need for time-consuming preparation of lesson plans and resources.

The Adult Rehabilitation Kit “Famous Families” includes an activity titled “What’s Missing”. This activity targets listening skills using a reading tracking task. For this activity, you are provided with a number of written passages about various famous families so you can choose the passage that most interests the recipient.

Conveniently, the recipient may take the additional passages home to continue their listening practice with a task they have already practiced and understand how to complete.

There is a ‘Speaker page’ and a ‘Recipient page’ included for each of the passages. The recipient pages are prepared with key words missing, making the handouts ready and easy to use for reading tracking. Just print it to get started.

Another included activity; ‘Get It Together’ targets auditory and cognitive processing skills. As with all of the activities, you are provided with a ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 2’ goal for therapy. In this activity the recipient trains to listen to and identify the name of a famous individual embedded within a phrase.

All of the materials needed to complete the activity; custom-made illustrations and written text divided on a ‘Speaker page’ and a ‘Recipient page’, are included for you.

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