Rehab at Home for Adults: A New Video Series for Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

Rehab at Home for Adults: A New Video Series for Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

We have received positive feedback from hearing professionals using our Adult Rehabilitation Kits to provide auditory rehabilitation in clinical settings. There is growing evidence to support a focus on auditory rehabilitation post cochlear implantation. A 2020 state-of-the-art review concluded that auditory training is a valid tool to support auditory rehabilitation for individuals with hearing loss, with improvements in auditory skills and self-perceived benefits documented. [1]

Auditory Rehabilitation & Cognitive Health

Additionally, auditory rehabilitation was identified as an uncontrolled variable in a 2021 study, which demonstrated that receiving a cochlear implant stops or slows down the acceleration of cognitive decline associated with hearing loss in older adults. It was not possible, with the study design, to identify the degree of contribution auditory rehabilitation had on the improvements in cognition; however, speculation was given to the synergistic effect of cochlear implantation and auditory rehabilitation. [2]

A New Video Series for Adult Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation

To help more adult cochlear implant recipients reach their potential through engaging in rehabilitation, we are pleased to announce a new video series to be released through the MED-EL Blog. This video series follows the same format as our popular Rehab at Home pediatric series which has received more than 85,000 views.

The Rehab at Home for Adults video series demonstrates how adult CI recipients can complete rehabilitation at home. Over the 13 captioned episodes, viewers get to know four cochlear implant recipients and hear about their experiences. They will be introduced to the Ling Sound Check (also known as the Ling Six Sound Test), and tips, strategies, and practical activities for listening practice.

A Powerful Tool to Supplement Auditory Rehabilitation

Hearing professionals can utilize the video series to supplement structured auditory rehabilitation and refer patients to the videos to demonstrate rehabilitation opportunities in everyday activities in the home.

The first video covers the use of the Ling Sound Check (Ling Six Sound Test) at home and provides a downloadable resource.

The remaining videos in the series will be shared monthly on the MED-EL Blog and explore 12 everyday listening goals:

  1. To wear my audio processor(s) every day
  2. To improve awareness of environmental sounds for safety and enjoyment
  3. To understand conversation with one or two people in quiet
  4. To over-hear conversation
  5. To understand conversation in small groups
  6. To understand conversation while out in social situations
  7. To understand conversation while in the car
  8. To understand speech when the speaker is far away
  9. To understand conversation on the phone
  10. To hear TV more clearly at a volume that is comfortable for everyone
  11. To enhance the enjoyment of music
  12. To understand speech in situations involving lots of complex information


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This article was written by Rebecca Claridge, Regional Rehabilitation Manager MED-EL Australia, New Zealand & Japan.

(1) Stropahl, M., Besser, J., & Launer, S. (2020). Auditory training supports auditory rehabilitation: a state-of-the-art review. Ear and hearing, 41(4), 697-704.

(2) Mertens, G., et al (2021). Cognitive Improvement After Cochlear Implantation in Older Adults With Severe or Profound Hearing Impairment: A Prospective, Longitudinal, Controlled, Multicenter Study. Ear and Hearing, 42(3), 606.

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