MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 6: Third Rock from the Sun

Adult cochlear implant recipients can benefit from learning and practicing repair strategies to improve everyday communication.

Have you discovered the Adult Rehabilitation Kits? Developed to support you to offer effective rehabilitation sessions to cochlear implant recipients, the Adult Rehabilitation Kits (ARKs) target listening as well as cognitive and communication skills. They are easy to use and include everything you need for a successful cochlear implant rehabilitation session.

As with our previously released ARKs, ARK 6 includes a session plan with goals for therapy across the domains of auditory training, auditory and cognitive processing, and integrating hearing into the lifestyle. In addition, tips for providing rehabilitation and all of the resources you need for an engaging and successful session are included.

Repair Strategies to Improve Communication

One activity in ARK 6 focuses on practicing repair strategies for communication success in a structured task. Included is a quick reference guide of repair strategies for recipients to review and practice using (on page 14). This is especially helpful for recipients who are not yet confident using repair strategies or aren’t aware of the range of strategies they could use to improve their communication exchanges.

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