MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 3: Your Family

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 3 - My Family

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 3 “Your Family” can now be downloaded for free. This Adult Rehabilitation Kit, as well as the others in the series, are designed for professionals providing rehabilitation support to adult cochlear implant recipients. The kits include fun, structured and simple-to-use activities, together with visually appealing resources for listening practice. Everything is included for you to get started and to save you time when preparing resources for therapy sessions.

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 3 “Your Family” includes a multi-level lesson plan, tips in providing rehabilitation to adult cochlear implant recipients, as well as three activities to develop the recipients’ listening and communication skills.

One of those activities is a ‘Hear, Say, Choose’ task, which targets the listener’s ability to identify familiar names of differing syllable number either alone, with a carrier phrase, or within a sentence depending on the listener’s level of functioning. This activity enables you to target individualized and meaningful content quickly and easily during your sessions and provides the CI recipient the opportunity to practice listening to and identifying words that are relevant and motivating for them—and will support their daily communication right away!

You can also download all of the previous Adult Rehabilitation Kits here:

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