Adult Rehabilitation Kit 11: Sports – What’s the Score?

adult rehabilitation kit 11 is sports-themed

Offering effective rehabilitation sessions to users of hearing technology helps them develop confidence hearing with their listening device(s). MED-EL’s Adult Rehabilitation Kits (ARKs) target listening as well as cognitive and communication skills. Not only are they easy for hearing professionals to use but they also include everything required for an effective cochlear implant rehabilitation session.

As with our other ARKs, ARK 11 includes a complete session plan. It contains detailed goals for therapy including auditory training, auditory and cognitive processing, and integrating hearing into the lifestyle. There are also tips for providing rehabilitation along with all of the resources you need to provide an effective and successful therapy session.

Activities to Improve Listening and Communication Skills for Users of Hearing Technology

Adult Rehabilitation Kit 11 is perfect for hearing implant recipients and users of hearing aids who like sports and want to build listening endurance and confidence. The activities can be adjusted to two different levels to suit the needs and current abilities of the listener.

ARK 11 contains:

  • a listening-only activity designed to practice word recognition within the context of sporting events,
  • a more challenging matrix matching activity, and
  • an auditory-visual reading activity that gives users the opportunity to learn while reading inspirational stories about athletes with hearing loss who have become famous.

Free Download: MED-EL Adult Rehabilitation Kit 11: Sports – What’s the Score?


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