Roger 21 for SONNET: Wireless Connectivity

Roger 21 SONNET

Whether it’s dinner at a crowded restaurant or a busy meeting at the office, life can get noisy. This doesn’t just affect speech understanding. Hearing in background noise can take much more listening effort and concentration.

Even well-performing cochlear implant recipients can benefit from the enhanced audio of a wireless microphone.  Using a wireless microphone is an excellent way to improve speech understanding by reducing background noise, therefore minimize listening effort.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Roger™ 21 from Phonak.

Roger 21 is a wireless receiver completely integrated into a battery pack cover compatible with SONNET. It works with all Roger wireless microphones, offering a simple-to-use solution with excellent performance.

The benefits are clear:

  • The wireless connectivity and performance of Roger wireless microphones
  • A streamlined design that’s comfortable to wear and seamlessly integrated with SONNET


Integrated Connectivity

Roger 21 is designed to match the profile of SONNET. It simply replaces the SONNET battery pack cover and is available in all 6 SONNET base colors. It’s only slightly longer than a standard SONNET battery pack cover, so it’s comfortable for all-day wearing.

Roger 21 is compatible with standard SONNET battery options or SONNET rechargeable batteries. You only need to remove the standard battery pack cover and slide on the Roger 21. The wireless receiver is automatically activated once you close that battery pack.


Wireless Microphones

With Roger 21, SONNET can easily connect to the full range of Roger™ wireless microphones from Phonak. You can connect with the push of a button. Let’s take a quick look at what each of these options can offer.

Roger Pen SONNET

Roger™ Pen

The Roger Pen features a directional microphone array, wideband Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, and external audio input in a compact design. This makes it an excellent all-in-one communication option for SONNET wireless connectivity.

With the versatile Roger Pen, users can:

  • Focus listening for better speech understanding in noise
  • Hear a speaker clearly over distance
  • Wirelessly connect to mobile phone calls
  • Stream audio from the television or a tablet


Roger Table Mic

Roger™ Table Mic

The Roger Table Mic is designed for better hearing in meetings at work. It’s simply placed on a table to stream clear audio from all speakers.

Roger Clip-On Mic

Roger™ Clip-On Mic

The Roger Clip-On Mic is a simple, discreet wireless microphone option for one-on-one conversations. This lightweight microphone can be clipped to a conversation partner’s clothing.

Roger Touchscreen Mic

Roger™ Touchscreen Mic

This user-friendly wireless microphone is ideal for connecting in the classroom. It can be used with a lanyard for individual speakers or placed on a table for small-group discussions. The touchscreen interface can connect multiple receivers and microphones in a network.


SONNET Wireless Connectivity

With the Roger 21 from Phonak, SONNET users can now connect to an even wider range of high-performance wireless microphones.

Want a first-hand look at what cochlear implant recipients think of Roger 21 and SONNET wireless connectivity with wireless microphones? Check out this Roger Clip-On Mic review from SONNET user Megan, and this Roger Pen review from bilateral SONNET user Adam over on our MED-EL Blog for candidates and recipients.


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