Everything You Need to Know About SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

If you work with recipients who are upgrading to SONNET rechargeable batteries, they’ll probably have a few questions. Here’s a quick professionals guide to help familiarize you with SONNET rechargeable batteries.

First, let’s look at the SONNET rechargeable batteries.
There are two sizes available—Standard and Micro. They’re both lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Standard provides a longer battery life, while Micro is very compact and is the lightest audio processor wearing option available.

  • Standard Rechargeable Battery
    • Up to 10 hours of battery life
    • SONNET weight with battery: 9.1 g
    • SONNET height with Standard Battery Cover: 56.7 mm
    • Uses same cover as Standard Battery Pack for size 675 batteries
  • Micro Rechargeable Battery
    • Lightest audio processor
    • Up to 7 hours of battery life
    • SONNET weight with battery: 8.1 g
    • SONNET height with Micro Battery Cover: 51.4 mm


Getting Started

To switch to using SONNET rechargeable batteries, recipients just need to replace the standard battery pack frame with the rechargeable battery adapter. After that, the rechargeable batteries snap into place, so they can be quickly and easily changed.

SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

SONNET Rechargeable Battery Kits

These batteries are available in three different kits:

1. SONNET Rechargeable Battery Kit

  • 3 x Standard rechargeable battery

2. SONNET Rechargeable Battery Micro Kit

  • 4 x Micro rechargeable battery

3. SONNET Rechargeable Battery Mixed Kit

  • 2 x Standard rechargeable battery
  • 2 x Micro rechargeable battery

Each battery kit includes everything your patients need to get started with SONNET rechargeable batteries.

  • SONNET Rechargeable Battery Adapter

Quick-change battery adapter for SONNET

  • SONNET Charging System with USB Cable

For charging up to 4 batteries at a time

  • USB Power Supply

Power supply for charging system

  • Battery Wallet

For carrying up to 4 batteries; Green/red pockets for charged/empty

SONNET Charging System

The easy-to-use SONNET Charging System can charge up to 4 SONNET rechargeable batteries at the same time. It’s powered by USB and charging takes approximately 3–4 hours.

There’s a white indicator light to show the charger has power and is ready to use. The indicator light for each charging slot will be a continuous blue light while a battery is charging, and will go off when the battery is fully charged.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few other questions you might encounter:

How long is the total battery lifetime?
Each battery is designed for more than 500 normal charging cycles. Rotating the batteries is important to help extended battery lifetime.

Can the charging system be plugged into any USB adapter?
It should be used with the included wall adapter or plugged into a USB port on a computer (USB 2.0 or higher).

Can more than one battery be charged at once?
Yes, up to four batteries can be charged at the same time, and full charging only takes 3–4 hours. The blue indicator light for each slot goes off when the battery is fully charged.

Can these batteries be used for small children?
Yes, both the Standard and Micro Battery Cover have a built-in safety lock, making them tamperproof. The included plastic screwdriver should be used to turn the lock. Also, the compact Micro makes SONNET the lightest audio processor for more comfort.

Please note, the lock of the Standard Battery Pack Cover cannot be locked with the Micro battery.

Can the FM battery pack be used with SONNET rechargeable batteries?
Yes, the FM battery pack for SONNET can be used for FM or direct audio input. It can be used with either size of rechargeable battery. Using an FM receiver will reduce battery life. Please note, the battery pack lock of the FM Battery Pack Cover cannot be locked with the Micro battery.

Can a full-size Standard battery cover be used with the Micro battery?
Yes, both the Standard and Micro cover can be used with the Micro battery. This allows recipients to use WaterWear for SONNET, by using the Micro battery with the Standard Battery Pack Cover. However, the battery pack lock of the Standard Battery Pack Cover cannot be locked with the Micro battery.

Can SONNET rechargeable batteries be used with WaterWear?
Yes, both batteries can be used with WaterWear for SONNET, but only with the full-sized Standard battery cover. This ensures a tight fit inside the WaterWear.

Is SONNET water-resistant with rechargeable batteries?
Yes, SONNET remains water-resistant (IP54) with rechargeable batteries. This protects SONNET against rain, sweat, and other moisture.


If you’d like to order SONNET rechargeable batteries for recipients at your clinic, contact your local MED-EL representative for ordering details.

Have any more questions about working with SONNET Rechargeable Batteries? Leave a comment below!

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*Not all products, features, and indications shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information.


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