RONDO 2: What’s in the Box?

RONDO 2 Cochlear Implant Audio Processor Unboxing

When we say it’s never been easier, we mean it: RONDO 2 is the easiest-to-use cochlear implant audio processor ever made.

Just push one button and RONDO 2 is on. Set it on the charger at night and it’s charged & ready to go in the morning.

Wireless charging and a built-in lithium-ion battery means there’s no need to open the processor or change batteries. In fact, there are basically only 3 parts to RONDO 2: the processor unit, the magnet, and the exchangeable microphone cover.

RONDO 2 Magnet and Cover

For both users and clinicians, this is an outstanding advantage: RONDO 2 is so simple literally anyone can use it—even if they have limited dexterity or aren’t good at new technology. If your patients can handle a pair of glasses, they can handle RONDO 2.

For you as an audiologist, there’s even more good news: This incredible simplicity makes unpacking and setting up RONDO 2 much easier than ever before. Less parts means less packaging!

With simple packaging and set-up, you can focus more of your time and energy on your patients. Let’s take a closer look at what you might find inside the RONDO 2 kits.

RONDO 2 Unboxing

First, let’s check out what’s inside a deluxe package: the RONDO 2 Prime Kit Colour Mix. Don’t worry, there’s a full guide to the kits below.

How simple is the RONDO 2 packaging? Our guide Lukas gives us a 60-second tour of unboxing a RONDO 2 Prime Kit.

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Please note, the content of RONDO 2 kits may change and may have different configurations for different countries. Your local MED-EL representative will have the most up-to-date details for your country.

RONDO 2 Patient Kits

So, how can you order RONDO 2 for your clinic and what type of kits are available?

First, you’ll want to identify which MED-EL cochlear implant your patient has or will be getting. This is because there are two different types of magnets in our cochlear implants, and the RONDO 2 magnet has to match the implant magnet.

  • RONDO 2 kits for SYNCHRONY are designed for the SYNCHRONY cochlear implant, which has a rotatable, diametric magnet.
  • RONDO 2 kits for MAESTRO are designed for MED-EL cochlear implants with an axial magnet (CONCERTO, MED-EL CONCERT, SONATA, PULSAR, C40+, & C40).

The RONDO 2 magnet can be easily replaced, but the kit will only include a magnet that is matched to the chosen implant type. You can order additional softer or stronger magnets individually or as a clinical kit with a variety of strengths.

Next, there is the option between the Core Kits and the Prime Kits. The Core Kits contain everything you need to use RONDO 2. The Prime Kits include everything from the Core Kits, plus a number of additional accessories for RONDO 2.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s typically offered in these kits.

RONDO 2 Core Kits

The RONDO 2 Core Kit includes RONDO 2, the wireless charger, and various accessories. The Core Kits are available with or without the “Colour Mix”. This is a set of four RONDO 2 covers in four standard matte colors.

  • RONDO 2 Audio Processor
  • Charging Pad & USB Power Supply
  • RONDO 2 Magnet (Strong)
  • FineTuner Remote Control
  • Speech Processor Test Device
  • Daily Case (Medium) for easily carrying RONDO 2 & accessories
  • Attachment Clips for additional fixation & security

 RONDO 2 Prime Kits

The RONDO 2 Prime Kit includes the content of the Core Kit, plus additional accessories: the Mini Battery Pack as a backup power supply, a Bluetooth compatible neckloop, and a water-resistant MED-EL backpack. The Prime Kit is also available with or without the “Colour Mix”.

  • RONDO 2 Audio Processor
  • Charging Pad & USB Power Supply
  • RONDO 2 Magnet (Strong)
  • FineTuner Remote Control + Accessories
  • Speech Processor Test Device
  • Daily Case (Medium) for easily carrying RONDO 2 & accessories
  • Attachment Clips for additional fixation & security
  • Mini Battery Pack + Accessories
  • Artone 3 MAX Neckloop
  • All-Purpose Backpack

RONDO 2 Clinical Kits

Creating maps and fitting the RONDO 2 is easy with a direct connection through a programming cable and MAESTRO software. You’ll need to charge RONDO 2 before fitting, so we created clinical kits that let you easily charge & program RONDO 2.

RONDO 2 Single-Unit Processor

There are RONDO 2 Clinical Kits for programming RONDO 2, as well as kits for testing the function of the microphone and changing the strength of the RONDO 2 magnet.

RONDO 2 Clinical Kit

The RONDO 2 Clinical Kit includes a RONDO 2 and charging pad for your clinic. This allows you to easily create fitting maps for a patient with your clinic’s fully charged RONDO 2 while also charging their RONDO 2 for the first time. You can then easily copy the maps to the patient’s RONDO 2.

This kit also includes the RONDO 2 programming cable for the MAX interface, and other accessories. The RONDO 2 Processor Unit in the Clinical Kit is included as a loaner, so it remains property of MED-EL.

RONDO 2 Basic Clinical Kit

The RONDO 2 Basic Clinical Kit includes a charging pad, RONDO 2 programming cable, and other accessories. It does not include a RONDO 2 audio processor.


The RONDO 2 MTD Kit is designed to let you test the microphone function of RONDO 2. The Microphone Test Device connects to the Mini Battery Pack and allows you to hear the RONDO 2 microphone output through headphones. This kit includes the Microphone Test Device, the Mini Battery Pack & Cable for RONDO 2, and other accessories.

RONDO 2 Basic MTD Kit

The RONDO 2 Basic MTD Kit is designed for clinicians who already have a MED-EL microphone test device but need a Mini Battery Pack to connect the Microphone Test Device to RONDO 2. The Basic MTD Kit includes the Mini Battery Pack & Cable for RONDO 2, and other accessories.

RONDO 2 Magnet Kit

This magnet kit includes a variety of additional RONDO 2 magnets of different strengths. It includes the Magnet Exchange Tool SUP for changing RONDO 2 magnets. Please note that the RONDO 2 Magnet 4S (Super Strong, SYNCHRONY) is not included in the RONDO 2 Magnet Kit.

RONDO 2 Magnet Replacement

RONDO 2 magnets can be easily changed with the Magnet Exchange Tool.

RONDO 2 Accessories

RONDO 2 is incredible simple to use, but there are plenty of customization options and accessories available.

RONDO 2 Design Covers

You can easily change the look of RONDO 2 with the replaceable microphone covers. In addition to 5 standard colors in matte & glossy, there are 15 stylish design covers and 9 hair pattern covers. This makes it easy to wear RONDO 2 discreetly or show it off in style.

RONDO 2 Design Covers

Colorful design covers make it easy to personalize the look of RONDO 2.

Mini Battery Pack for RONDO 2

RONDO 2’s built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 18 hours per charge. If your patients need even longer battery life, the Mini Battery Pack powers RONDO 2 for up to 35 hours on a single AAA battery. The Mini Battery Pack also has a 3-pin Euro connector input, letting you connect FM systems or direct audio input cables to RONDO 2.

Direct Audio Input Cables

With the Mini Battery Pack, you can connect RONDO 2 to nearly any audio device, like phones, music players, and tablets. The 3.5 mm jack at one end of the cable plugs into any standard headphone port. The 3-pin Euro jack at the other end connects to the Mini Battery Pack. These cables are available for both unilateral or bilateral users.

Additional Fixation Options

RONDO 2 is designed to stay safely & securely connected all day long. And for extra peace of mind, we offer easy-to-use accessories to help keep RONDO 2 right where it should be during sports and other activities.

  • Sports Headband
  • Clothes & Hair Clip
  • Fixation Loop for Glasses
  • RONDO 2 Leash
  • GripWear
  • Activitiy Clip

RONDO 2 Security Clip

You can easily attach RONDO 2 to hair clips or clothing clips with a discreet security line. 

WaterWear for RONDO 2

WaterWear is a fully waterproof accessory cover for RONDO 2 that can be used in freshwater or saltwater, as well as chlorinated water.

RONDO 2 WaterWear

Each WaterWear for RONDO 2 package contains 3 reusable covers and 9 single-use adhesive strips for a total of 9 uses.

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*Not all products, features, and indications shown are available in all areas. Please contact your local MED-EL representative for more information. 

**Content & availability of RONDO 2 Kits and accessories subject to change and may vary by location. 

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