Hands-On: SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

Today we’re taking a hands-on look at using SONNET rechargeable batteries. These simple tips can help your patients get started with rechargeable batteries for SONNET. Even better, there’s an easy-to-follow hands-on video—check it out below.

Set-Up & Charging

Before using the rechargeable batteries for the first time, you’ll need to fully charge them. This takes about 4 hours; you can charge the batteries overnight so they’re ready for the next day.

To get started, you’ll need to plug the charger into either a wall socket with the included USB adapter or into a computer USB port. The white indicator light shows that the charger is working. You can charge up to 4 batteries at once; this won’t affect overall charging time.

SONNET Rechargeable BatteriesSONNET rechargeable batteries come in 2 sizes: Standard and Micro. They’re both charged the same way. Each battery has a lip on one narrow side and a ridge on the other side.

To charge the batteries, insert the battery into the charger:

  1. Hold the battery at a slight angle and insert the lip under the transparent side of the charging slot.
  2. Then tip the battery towards the white side of the charging slot until the ridge snaps into place.
  3. Do not press hard. If the battery is lined up correctly, it should fit easily into the charging slot.

When the battery is correctly inserted, the blue indicator light in each slot will show that the battery is charging. When the indicator light turns off, the battery is fully charged.

Once the battery is fully charged, remove the battery from the charging slot by gently tilting it towards to transparent side of the charging slot and lifting it out at a slight angle. The included battery wallet can be helpful for keeping the batteries organized.

We recommend that users unplug the charging unit when it is not in use. Also, it’s best to use all the rechargeable batteries regularly, because SONNET rechargeable batteries shouldn’t be left unused for extended time periods.

SONNET Rechargeable Batteries

To switch SONNET from disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries, you’ll simply need to replace the battery pack frame. Press the tip of the release lever on the battery pack frame and tilt it off the control unit.

SONNET Battery Pack FrameAttach the rechargeable battery adapter to the control unit; make sure the small hook mechanism on the control unit lines up with the matching groove on the adapter and push down until the release lever clicks into place.

SONNET Rechargeable Battery Pack Adapter

Now you’re ready to insert a charged battery.

  1. Hold the battery at a slight angle with the lip of the battery touching the earhook side of the adapter.
  2. Push down gently until the ridge of the battery snaps into place.
  3. Replace the battery pack cover, ensuring it is in the unlocked vertical position.
  4. If you are using the Micro battery, the smaller Micro batter pack cover should be used.
  5. For additional security, lock the battery pack cover into place using the plastic screwdriver.


Check out this hands-on video to see the easy steps for charging and using SONNET rechargeable batteries.


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So, that’s how you set up rechargeable batteries for SONNET. Looking for more information on SONNET rechargeable batteries? Check out our FAQs for professionals.

Have a question about using SONNET for your patients? Leave a comment below or contact us.

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