Enjoy A Guilt-Free Vacation: MED-EL’s Customer Service Has Got Your Back!

These days, clinicians are pressed to find a balance between patient experience and clinic efficiency. You need to answer your patients’ questions, and you need to do it quickly! And what about when your patients have questions while you are out of the office? Who can you trust to provide the same level of care so that you do not feel guilty for taking a much-needed vacation?

This is where MED-EL’s customer service team steps in. We know that exceptional customer service from hearing device manufacturers is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Customer Service You Can Rely On

MED-EL takes pride in our commitment to providing rapid and reliable customer support so that you can take a step back. Our customer service team is made up of 15+ kind and caring REAL people available to assist with:

  • Ordering new equipment or spare parts
  • Replacing lost equipment
  • Inquiries about pricing and warranties

We take pride in helping you as efficiently as possible. Our customer service team offers:

Our customer service team is always there for you. And we mean ALWAYS. We will ensure that you and your patients have a real person to help answer questions.

Do not worry if you are in a hurry! Our average time to answer calls is ~10 seconds and average time to complete the call is less than 5 minutes.

Customer Service You Can Trust

Our team is divided into six geographic regions and then sub-categorized by state, so you and your patients will likely talk to the same person each time you call or email us. This allows each representative to become familiar with their specific clinics and even their specific MED-EL recipients.

Bilingual Support

We have multiple bilingual customer service representatives to assist with all your Spanish-speaking patients’ customer service needs. They can also connect Spanish-speakers with a member of MED-EL’s UnidosOimos bilingual support community for further counseling or troubleshooting.

MED-EL Regions

MyMED-EL Webshop

For your more independent patients, myMED-EL Webshop makes it easy to quickly order the parts that they need. They can place self-pay orders at their convenience or download our product catalogs for digital viewing.

With your trust in our dedicated customer service team, you can feel free to pass out MED-EL’s contact information and then relax knowing that your patients are in good hands!

Curious about more ways MED-EL is here to support you and your patients?

Do not forget to check out our previous blog posts about our Audiology Technical Support and Recipient Support teams who can further help with your unbillable hours by orienting and troubleshooting with your MED-EL recipients.


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