Take Back Your Lunch Break: Take Advantage of MED-EL’s Recipient Support

At MED-EL, we know your time is valuable, so let us help you spend it wisely. From troubleshooting equipment to explaining what to expect at activation, our expert staff are here as an extension of your services. We focus on helping your program achieve the best possible outcomes, and we empower recipients to be self-sufficient and successful in their hearing journey. Read more about how we can partner with you.

POV: You survived a hectic clinic morning that began with your first patient arriving 20 minutes late. You made up for lost time and now have 30 minutes to decompress and get yourself in the right headspace for a full afternoon. But then you sit down at your desk and see the tiny envelope indicating unread messages in your inbox or the voicemail light flashing on your phone. You realize that your precious 30-minute decompression time is going to be spent counseling or troubleshooting with your patients, while you take bites of your sandwich in between sentences.

Good News: It doesn’t have to be this way! MED-EL’s premier Recipient Support Services team is here to take work off of your plate, so that you can put your lunch on it instead.

We offer multiple avenues for your patients to receive additional support. Think of our services as extensions of your care.

We’ll save you time by:

  • Answering common questions
  • Facilitating appropriate expectations
  • Describing options on order forms
  • Providing tips to prepare for surgery
  • Explaining what to expect at activation
  • Getting candidates connected to recipients of a similar history
  • Troubleshooting equipment

MED-EL 1-on-1 Appointments

Our 1-on-1 appointments are for MED-EL recipients who need to troubleshoot equipment and/or receive additional attention with connectivity or rehabilitation resources. Led by experienced audiologists, these 30-min long, virtual appointments can be scheduled at a time convenient for them.

Do you have patients who prefer appointments in a different language?
We offer Spanish and English 1-on-1 appointments and translation services in over 300 languages.

Bridget Davis, AuD, CCC-A
Recipient Technical Support Audiologist

Mariana Mcllwain, AuD
Bilingual Recipient Technical Support Audiologist

MED-EL Mondays

Our MED-EL Mondays are for those who have just chosen a MED-EL device and want to learn more about our products—either right before or right after activation. Each group session helps recipients become more confident in handling and using their devices. During these virtual events, our dedicated staff will also provide ample resources for rehabilitation activities, so recipients can start to hear their best as soon as possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Cochlear implant & bone conduction after activation basics
  • Connectivity basics (e.g., AudioKey 2, AudioLink, AudioStream, etc.)
  • Aural rehabilitation resources

See What MED-EL Recipients and Our Partners Said

During an era where clinic efficiency is top of mind, we know how important it is for you to prioritize how you spend your time. With MED-EL RTSS team supporting your patients, you can dedicate more time to activities that are most beneficial to your clinic and to you—like having a real lunch break and then starting your afternoon off on the right foot!

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Recipient Technical Support Services

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