MED-EL’s Partner Care Program: Audiology Technical Support Services

At MED-EL, we want every MED-EL recipient and professional partner to feel supported. In doing so, we offer a comprehensive service through our Audiology Technical Support Services (ATSS) and Recipient Technical Support Services (RTSS) teams. These expert audiologists provide invaluable assistance to recipients, clinicians, educational audiologists, MRI technicians, and anyone with troubleshooting, programming, or database-related questions.

You can expect our technical support audiologists to offer:

  • Processor & connectivity troubleshooting
  • MRI scanning & safety precaution guidance
  • OTOPLAN On Demand support
  • Software & remote load assistance
  • 1-on-1 patient support via phone or Zoom

Through this department, our dedicated staff ensure that MED-EL customers have a seamless and optimized experience with our products and devices. When it comes to our OTOPLAN On Demand program, our technical support audiologists conduct the OTOPLAN analyses. They analyze pre- and postoperative imaging to provide actionable information to help implant centers select the best electrode and fitting frequencies for existing and prospective patients.

Our commitment to exceptional service extends beyond troubleshooting and support; our expert teams go the extra mile to deliver tailored solutions and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Meet MED-EL’s Audiology Technical Support Staff

Rhonda Tubbs, AuD, CCC-A
Director of ATSS

Dr. Rhonda Tubbs counsels recipients, their families, and medical professionals on understanding and troubleshooting cochlear and bone conduction devices. While every day looks different in her 10+ years at MED-EL, Dr. Tubbs loves helping recipients get “back on the air” and giving them assistance to hear the best they possibly can.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
I recently spoke with a 101-year-old cochlear implant recipient, and he was just a delight to work with. He was sweet and knowledgeable. When we finished talking through troubleshooting, he was able to hear—oh, the joy in his voice!

Meredith Hill, AuD
Senior Technical Support Audiologist

Working in a dynamic environment, Dr. Meredith Hill supports recipients and professionals with software and connectivity support as well as performs OTOPLAN On Demand analyses. The most fulfilling part of the job is helping someone regain their ability to communicate.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
I would say that the most impactful experiences in my role are when I can establish relationships with our recipients. Having been in this role for almost 10 years now, I have had the opportunity to speak with many of the same recipients time after time. It has been extremely meaningful when I have had the opportunity to meet these recipients in real life, whether they’re participating in the Research Lab or helping out with our HearPeers team. Being able to put a face with the name after years of communication and support really brings things full circle for me.

Todd Mitchell, AuD
Technical Support Audiologist

Dr. Todd Mitchell helps recipients and customers optimize their experience with MED-EL devices. He answers questions related to internal and external equipment function, troubleshooting, MRI conditions, and our products’ benefits and features. In his role, Dr. Mitchell finds it rewarding when recipients get the most out of their MED-EL implant.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
I have had a number of wonderful experiences with our recipients! There were times when someone was having difficulty with their equipment or connecting to the phone or TV, and after a few minutes of troubleshooting, they are able to reconnect to the world around them! It is great to see how valuable this technology is in their lives and to be a small part of that journey.

Sarah Patz, AuD
Technical Support Audiologist

Dr. Sarah Patz supports audiologists, recipients, and anyone who needs help with troubleshooting, programming, or database-related and software issues. She approves and releases remote load orders for cochlear implant and BONEBRIDGE devices and is a vital part of our OTOPLAN On Demand team. Dr. Patz also addresses recipient and facility calls regarding MRI safety or procedural precautions.

Sarah feels most fulfilled when she fixes an issue quickly and easily.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
One of the most memorable encounters was when I helped a recipient and their wife find a lost processor. As I was giving instructions, the stressed recipient stated they needed to hurry up or else the cows would step on it! It turns out that they live on a farm, and it fell off somewhere in the cow pasture. Thankfully, using the AudioKey 2 app they were able to successfully find their processor and plan to use a retention accessory when on the tractor next time!

Madeline Frangenberg, AuD
Technical Support Audiologist

Dr. Madeline Frangenberg assists clinicians with programming questions and software errors, and she helps recipients troubleshoot their connectivity problems. Dr. Frangenberg spearheads the OTOPLAN On Demand program—helping surgeons and audiologists identify the best solutions for their patients.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
I have helped several blind recipients orient to their equipment and troubleshoot various issues. It is always rewarding when everything clicks and starts working again.


Brittney Medina, AuD, CCC-A
Technical Support Audiologist

Dr. Brittney Medina provides invaluable support to recipients, clinicians, education audiologists, MRI technicians, and others. Her responsibilities encompass a wide range of support, from software assistance to addressing inquiries about MRI compatibility and safety precautions. In addition to this, Dr. Medina reviews remote load programming files and conducts OTOPLAN On Demand analyses.

Dr. Medina loves when our recipients and customers feel happier and more confident with MED-EL technology.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?

I had the opportunity to support a recipient’s daughter who felt overwhelmed and emotionally distressed. She found herself in a difficult situation as her brother, who was heavily involved in her mother’s care, had recently passed away. Compounded by her mother’s dementia, she lacked the knowledge to operate and maintain her mother’s devices.

I spent a lot of time with her making sure she knew how everything worked and gave her tips on how to manage the devices for her mother. I also assured her that our support was readily available, encouraging her to reach out whenever she needed assistance.

I made her aware of additional resources, such as MED-EL Mondays and 1-on-1 support, which could further aid her in navigating this challenging journey. As we concluded the call, you could feel that her anxiety alleviated and that she felt empowered and reassured. It is moments like this that makes me stop and remember why I became an audiologist.

Meet MED-EL’s Recipient Technical Support Staff

Bridget Davis, AuD, CCC-A
Recipient Technical Support Audiologist

As a recipient technical support audiologist, Dr. Bridget Davis provides virtual support to MED-EL recipients and their families via group or individualized appointments. During each interaction, she shares her knowledge about MED-EL devices and resources, and she helps troubleshoot equipment if something is not working.

Dr. Davis has had the privilege of interacting daily with many wonderful MED-EL recipients. She loves being a part of each recipient’s journey to better hearing.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
Honestly, I love everything about it! We have so many MED-EL recipients who are living full lives, and I love being able to hear their stories and help them stay connected to sound!

Mariana Mcllwain, AuD
Bilingual Recipient Technical Support Audiologist

Dr. Mariana Mcllwain is our bilingual recipient technical support audiologist. She focuses on empowering recipients and their families—via Zoom, WhatsApp, or even FaceTime—to understand how to use MED-EL equipment and accessories.

What is one of your most impactful experiences in your role?
I worked with a recipient for a few sessions who was finally able to stream audio from his TV successfully before Christmas. He emailed me directly to let me know I had given him the best Christmas present ever!

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If you want to contact our Audiology Technical Support Services (ATSS) and Recipient Technical Support Services (RTSS) teams are available by phone or email during normal business hours.

Audiology Technical Support Services:

8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. EST | Call 888.633.3524 or email

Recipient Technical Support Services:

8:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. EST | Call 888.633.3524 or email


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