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MED-EL BONEBRIDGE: Celebrating Five Years of Transformative Hearing Innovation

In the world of hearing loss solutions, MED-EL BONEBRIDGE stands out in innovation. MED-EL pioneered “under-the-skin” bone conduction implants with BONEBRIDGE, offering an array of features that redefined industry standards.

BONEBRIDGE has been on the market globally for 12 years, and we are thrilled to have reached the five-year anniversary in the United States. In these past five years, MED-EL has introduced not one but two generations of BONEBRIDGE technology to the U.S. Our current system is comprised of the BCI 602 implant and the SAMBA 2 audio processor.

Let’s celebrate our five-year anniversary twice as much by reviewing ten features that make BONEBRIDGE continue to be a game-changer in bone conduction technology.

1. Proven Performance: Long-Term Clinical Experience

Long-term reliability is essential in any hearing implant, and BONEBRIDGE has more than a decade of global success with thousands of recipients, years of clinical research data, and publicly-shared reliability data.

For example, the implant survival rate, including impact, is 98.02% at 10 years for the original BCI 601 and 99.65% at 2 years for the BCI 602.*

2. Surgical Flexibility

Each of your patients is unique. Only BONEBRIDGE offers two-fold surgical flexibility that can be customized across a wide range of anatomies.

The BCI 602 transition can bend up to 90o in either lateral direction and up to 30o medially to allow surgeons to find the ideal positions for both the coil and the transducer. Additionally, BCI 602 lifts can be used to reduce drilling depth if there isn’t enough bone available to fully countersink the transducer.

This highly adjustable implant adds an essential layer of customization to ensure optimal comfort and performance for every recipient.

3. Reduced Risk of Post-Op Complications

BONEBRIDGE has been proven to have lower complication rates compared to other bone conduction implants.† Here’s why:

Secure Two-Point Fixation

The BCI 602 uses a secure two-point fixation system with self-drilling screws. Two-point fixation, combined with a recessed transducer, provides exceptional impact resistance and long-term stability.

This feature ensures that the BONEBRIDGE implant remains in place, offering consistent and reliable long-term performance.

Low-Profile Design

The BCI 602 transducer is recessed into the bone to provide several key advantages.

  • This placement protects the implant against damage from impact.
  • The embedded device does not create a prominent bump, as seen on the right below from a competitor device. Minimizing the implant protrusion can reduce the risk of post-op skin-related complications.

4. Smallest and Lightest Weight System

The BCI 602 implant and SAMBA 2 audio processor together form the smallest and lightest weight system available. This not only enhances comfort but also sets a new standard for cosmetic outcomes.

5. Superior Retention for Peace of Mind

BONEBRIDGE ensures superior audio processor retention by offering six magnet strengths. Recipients will not only have stability but also peace of mind that they can enjoy comfortable, all-day hearing in their daily activities.

6. Unmatched Battery Life

Your recipients can enjoy uninterrupted hearing experiences with the BONEBRIDGE system’s remarkable battery life.

The BONEBRIDGE SAMBA 2 audio processor boasts up to 10 days of battery life from a single standard 675 zinc air battery—no need to pay extra for high-power cochlear implant batteries! Only using 10 packs of batteries per year is a huge cost-saver for BONEBRIDGE recipients.

7. Self-Learning Audio Processor For Easy Use

In addition to standard features, such as directional microphones and sound scene classifiers, the SAMBA 2 audio processor is equipped with a unique self-learning system. When this Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0 is activated, the SAMBA 2 will learn which settings a recipient changes most often in each of the different SAMBA 2 listening environments, such as Noise, Music, and Car. Over time, SAMBA 2 will learn to automatically adjust itself to match these preferences, reducing effort on the recipient’s behalf.

8. Fewer Clinic Visits

When your BONEBRIDGE patient needs to have their audio processor repaired or replaced, the new device can be programmed by MED-EL with your clinic’s programming file and then shipped directly to the patient.

No additional clinic appointments for you, as well as no additional time and travel costs for your patient.

9. Versatile Connectivity

All BONEBRIDGE recipients automatically receive the SAMBA 2 GO wireless streaming accessory, which can be used with iPhone, Android, or any other phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology.

SAMBA 2 GO can also connect to Bluetooth tablets, smart TVs, classroom FM systems, and any device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Best of all—SAMBA 2 GO streaming does not compromise battery life of the SAMBA 2 audio processor.

Recipients can also adjust SAMBA 2 settings using the SAMBA 2 Remote app.

10. MED-EL Global MRI Guarantee

The BCI 602 implant is MR Conditional for 1.5 Tesla, without the need for a headwrap or magnet removal.

Because of our long and positive experience with MRIs, we offer a life-long MRI guarantee.‡ This life-long MRI guarantee is the first and only to be offered by any hearing implant company and covers all MED-EL BONEBRIDGE implants.

So, you and your patients can rest assured about any future MRI scans.

As you can see, BONEBRIDGE embodies advanced technology and user-centric design—setting the standard for bone conduction hearing implants. Elevate your patient care with a bone conduction solution that can be adapted to your patients’ unique needs and provide them with reliable long-term performance. It’s been a great five years with BONEBRIDGE in the US, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our MED-EL BONEBRIDGE family!

* Cumulative survival rate data as of July 2022.

† Safety outcomes of bone conduction and middle ear implants: A systematic review, rev. 5.0.

‡ The terms and conditions of the MRI Guarantee can be found here.

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