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2023 in Review: MED-EL’s MASTERCLASS

We spent 2023 focusing on the pillars that make our company strong and unique: reliable implants, a vast electrode portfolio, and technology for a better future. All of it surrounded the industry’s need for personalization—the next step toward better patient outcomes.

When looking at improving patient outcomes, we know that speech understanding scores only tell us part of the picture. If word recognition scores are the goal, then our job is done here. Why continue to improve and grow?

We can do better, and at MED-EL, we have. We believe patient outcomes should incorporate consistency and natural sound; and they should evolve and aim for recipients to hear better faster.

As architects in personalized hearing implants and electrode design, we strive for closest to natural hearing and improving patient outcomes with the right tools. Not only that, but we push ourselves to drive improvement and progress in the industry.

"If I’m practicing medicine in the same way in ten years as I am today, then I’m doing something wrong."

Dr. Scott Brown


In our 2023 MED-EL MASTERCLASS events, we challenged select hearing implant professionals to change how they practice, because better methods make for better patient and surgical outcomes.

Key Takeaways

Our MED-EL MASTERCLASS attendees learned from MED-EL staff and special guest speakers about our advanced technology and how to implement OTOPLAN On Demand in their clinical workflow. After gaining valuable knowledge to improve patient outcomes, they put to practice their key learnings.

Some of our discussions included:

  • Personalized implant and electrode design for patient’s unique anatomy
  • How Anatomy-Based Fitting removes the guesswork from patient programming
  • Incorporating OTOPLAN On Demand into your clinical workflow
  • Deep dive into postoperative Anatomy-Based Fitting patient case studies

Now what?

OTOPLAN helps you visualize your patients’ unique cochleae and select the right MED-EL electrode for them. We all want recipients to hear the best they can—and as naturally as possible. If you want to implement our advanced technology into your clinical workflow, then don’t wait any longer to get started.

With MED-EL’s free OTOPLAN On Demand service, surgeons and audiologists enjoy easy access to their patient’s individualized OTOPLAN analysis and detailed reports to support preoperative electrode selection and postoperative Anatomy-Based Fitting.

For those who need more information on how to implement OTOPLAN On Demand, contact your MED-EL representative today and stay tuned for our next January blog post solely focused on everything OTOPLAN On Demand.

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