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Whether you’re an ENT surgeon, audiologist, or rehabilitation specialist, you’ll find plenty of useful resources here on our MED-EL Professionals Blog.

  • In-depth articles on hearing outcomes
  • Surgical case studies
  • First-hand insights from professionals
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation kits
  • Fitting tips & tricks
  • Detailed technology guides

But did you know we also have a MED-EL Blog for candidates, recipients, parents and more?

With instant 24/7 access to hundreds of articles on all kinds of hearing loss topics, the MED-EL Blog can be a great way to share educational resources & practical information with your patients.

Right now, the MED-EL Blog for candidates & recipients is available in 5 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

Let’s take a quick look at the kind of information your patients can find over on the MED-EL Blog.

Hearing Loss Information

They have questions—we have answers. We have more than 100 informative articles on different types of hearing loss, medical considerations, options for treating hearing loss, and in-depth guides on how different hearing solutions work.

Hearing Journeys

There’s an incredibly diverse range of real-life hearing stories that can help candidates hear first-hand experiences on what life is like with a hearing implant.


Each guest shares their personal journey with a hearing implant—including challenges along the way, their successes, and their thoughts for people who are starting their hearing journey.


Science & Technology

We’re fascinated by the science of hearing and the technology behind hearing implants—so we’re always eager to share the knowledge.

Home Rehabilitation Resources

Our extensive guides to at-home rehabilitation exercises are an excellent way to supplement your patients’ rehabilitation program. These guides are created by our dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists and guest contributors.

Each article focuses on practical, accessible rehabilitation activities that can be done with household items.

Listening Tips & Tricks

We also have a wide range of listening tips & tricks for hearing implant users. There’s practical guides to managing listening environments, plus plenty of tech tips for connecting to phones, tablets, and more.

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